Certified translation

I will prepare a certified translation for you as soon as possible and by mutual agreement. This will also save you various brokerage fees charged by translation agencies.

Common types of documents
    • Birth certificate
    • Marriage certificate
    • Death certificate
    • Technical card
    • Diploma
    • Declaration of status
    • Certificate of permanent residence
    • Criminal records certificate

 Ako prebieha úradný preklad?

Kontakt úradného prekladateľa

Contact me and we will agree on a date when the translation will be done. You need the original document or (in most cases) a verified copy.

Preklad úradným prekladateľom

I will translate your document and bind it with the original or a copy. If you would like to speed up the whole process, you can send me an electronic version by e-mail - so I can start working on it sooner.

Kompletizácia a odovzdanie prekladu

I will hand over the bound translation to you either in person or by a registered letter. The
translation is accompanied by an invoice, which you will pay by bank transfer.

Price list 

Certified translation

20€/standard page

  • Certified translation: EUR 20.00 for each standard page started (1,800 characters with spaces, or for each page of the original).

Tlmočenie a neúradný odborný preklad

Máte otázky o neúradnom odbornom preklade, tlmočení alebo o cene? Napíšte mi a Vaše otázky s Vami rád odkonzultujem.

Contact us

Your texts will be translated by a certified translator and interpreter registered in the list of experts, interpreters, and translators of the Ministry of Justice in the field of English language under number 971297. 


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